How To Properly Get Rid of Old Appliances

One important part of home improvement is buying new appliances or upgrading existing ones. Most modern appliances were created with some degree of planned obsolescence in mind. That means that, as trends rapidly change, the appliances we buy now wear out more quickly than those we bought decades ago in this fast-paced modern environment.

You might wonder how to get rid of old appliances if they are faulty or no longer wanted. Or you may purchase a new appliance and don’t know what to do with the old one. Throwing old appliances out can be a waste, and we want to ensure that getting rid of old appliances will not harm the environment. Here are some practical and safe ways to properly dispose of appliances.

Ask Your Local Municipal Pickup Service

The easiest solution to getting rid of an old appliance is to place it on the curb and arrange for your local municipal cleanup service to pick it up. Most communities provide local pickup services, but you should confirm that your city also provides junk metal or appliance recycling. You’ll probably need to schedule the removal of your appliances in advance and pay a fee in addition to your regular garbage bill.

This solution may not be accessible where you live, so be sure to contact the department of public works or the municipal garbage collection agency in your area for further details on how to proceed. The drawback is that pickups could only be available on particular days or at specific hours, meaning you would still need to drop the equipment off at a special disposal site.

List Your Appliances Online

If you only have one or two working appliances to get rid of, you can post them online for sale or donation. Some people could still want your functional appliances, even if they are outdated or have a faulty part. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling them, you can offer them as donations and have the recipient pick them up on your behalf. In addition, you may find a company or organization that collects scrap metal that will pick up your old appliance for free.

You may always offer to pay for the gas if you need it out of your house soon. Listing your appliances online is a great option if you have a place to store them until they are claimed. The drawback is that there is no guarantee anyone will buy your appliances. They may sit around indefinitely.

Utilize Retailer Recycling Facilities

Using retailer recycling facilities is a good way to dispose of and recycle appliances properly. Today, most big-box electronics stores run active recycling programs for appliances. There is a program that enables you to return obsolete appliances to retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples

In some circumstances, their recycling program is free if the appliances you’re disposing of were bought from their store. Other stores will also dispose of and recycle your old appliance for free if you purchase a new one on the same day.

Nevertheless, in exchange for a price, they would accept your old appliances and recycle them in their manner. Each retailer has unique guidelines for its recycling program and a location where you can drop off old appliances and tech. Make sure to get in touch with them before dropping off large items, such as a refrigerator or freezer, since they may have a certain size or weight limit.

Utilize Utility Provider Recycling Programs

If you can’t find a retailer that accepts disposal and recycling of appliances in your area, take advantage of appliance recycling services that utility companies offer. Utility provider recycling programs are now widely available. They want to help people replace old or broken appliances with new, energy-efficient models to save money and benefit the environment. Energy-efficient appliances may consume less energy than your old appliance with less fuel from your local power plant, both of which benefit the environment. 

Several utility providers offer appliance removal and disposal programs to entice consumers to convert to energy-efficient solutions. The best way to start is to get in touch with your local utility provider to see if they offer appliance recycling.

Take Your Old Appliances to the Local Landfill

One highly practical and reasonable way to properly dispose of appliances is to take them to a local landfill. Most landfills and transfer sites allow you to dump off appliances, generally for a charge. Be sure to phone them in advance and find out if they accept your specific appliance. 

Although most facilities will take care of this step for you, refrigerators and other cooling appliances may need to have their refrigerants drained before being properly disposed of. Before loading your stuff into your vehicle and driving out, check to ensure they are securely fastened for safety. However, if your vehicle can’t handle the appliances you want to dispose of, or the appliances are too big for you, then you can hire a home dumpster rental.

Hire a Reliable Home Dumpster Rental

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