How To Prepare for a Move with Ease

Whether this is the 10th time you’ve moved or your first time, starting to prepare for a move can be challenging. Just thinking about packing all your belongings and transporting them to another location can be intimidating.

As such, you need a plan to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, which is why we have prepared a few moving tips to get you started:

Create a Moving Timeline

Creating a timeline of when things need to happen will help you stay on track and avoid becoming overwhelmed as you prepare for a move.

Many steps need to take place for a move, so you should start as soon as you decide to move. By starting as early as possible you can take your time and avoid having to rush things at the last minute. Having a plan with a timeline for a move can help you reduce stress and stay more organized overall. It can also save you money because moves can be expensive.

Know Your Budget

One of the first steps to preparing for a move is understanding your budget. Moves can be expensive, so how much you can afford to spend on your move should be determined before you start packing.

A great way to estimate the amount of money you need is to research and get quotes from different moving companies to get an idea of the average cost. Many will ask you if you will pack the items yourself or if you want them to pack the items for you. The number of items and whether you or the moving company are going to be doing the packing can have a significant impact on the final quote they provide you.

Once you have a quote, start looking for ways to save or determine if there are ways you can reduce some of the moving fees. For example, you can decide to pack some of your belongings yourself. Or minimize the number of items you need to have moved.

Determine the Items or Rooms To Pack First

Next to prepare for a move, identify the items you need to pack and the order in which they should be packed. These could be essentials such as clothing and toiletries, valuables such as jewelry or family heirlooms, fragile items such as dishes or glassware, and oversized items such as furniture.

Once you have determined which things to pack first, label them accordingly. Labeling the boxes once packed will help you stay organized and make the unpacking process more manageable. Because part of what you need to do to prepare for a move is also to prepare for the unloading process after the move.

Another way to do this is by packing by room. Start with the rooms that you don’t always use. For instance, if you have a guest room, start with that unless you will have guests to help you pack. Once you’ve packed the least-used room, move on to other rooms based on usage. It is usually best to keep rooms like the kitchen and living room for last.

Take note that you also have to consider the items you won’t be bringing with you on your move. These items can be given away, donated, or sold ahead of time. This will save you time and stress when packing since you won’t have to worry about fitting everything in boxes.

Getting a residential dumpster can be a great idea to make getting rid of the more oversized items such as furniture you won’t be taking with you easier. Taking the time to organize and declutter your home before you start packing will make packing the rest of your belongings much faster.

Purchase Packing Supplies

When you prepare for a move, you will likely need to purchase moving supplies such as boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. You can either order these packing materials online or find them at your local hardware or home improvement store.

The cost of packing supplies varies, but you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars on everything you need. You can also ask retailers if they have extra corrugated boxes they are not using that they would be willing to give you for free.

Coordinate with a Mover

It is always best to consult with a professional mover when you prepare for a move. They will help you determine how much stuff you have and what kind of truck you need. If you have a lot of large furniture or other items that require special handling, a professional mover will likely have to be used. Some movers charge by the hour or size of the truck, which is another reason it can be a good idea to minimize the amount of large or bulky items you are unsure about keeping before making a move.

They also have the skills and experience needed to avoid damages that can occur during a move. Your mover will be able to estimate how long the whole process will take, so you can make arrangements with your job and school, if necessary.

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